I’ve been reading about minimalism lately. It’s making me want to throw out nearly everything I own. The problem is that the things I haven’t tossed in the bin for Goodwill donations in the past few years are the things that are from a long time ago. Very few things I’ve acquired over the past five years have even made it past the maniacal many-bag clutter-my-entire-room-in-organized-piles purges of the past two years.

I want to live more minimally. I don’t like clutter, and yet habits from my childhood of being a packrat still surface from time to time. This is a part of myself I have accepted but don’t particularly care for.

I’ve purged my life of unnecessary relationships with people, unnecessary clothes, books, etc but I still want my space to reflect more of who I want to be than has actually occurred.

So, in less than two weeks when I go minimal with my packing (everything for 2 weeks in a 40 liter pack) for my first overseas adventure, I will be manifesting more of the person that I want to become, and that is a win in my book.

What are some ways that you, dear and probably lone reader, have invoked minimalism in your life for the gain of mental clarity or otherwise? Please comment! ❤

Peace love and plants



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