Quick- what five songs do you remember most from your childhood? And did you like them? Do you still like/dislike them?

Music was a huge part of my childhood. So many experiences are vague from growing up, but the ones that had music I can remember so well. Like spinning around in the La-Z Boy in my living room while Pink Floyd’s “On The Run” played on my parents’ turntable. It was my favorite song and I always thought of alien invasions when I heard it. I remember listening to Paul Simon’s “Rhythm of the Saints” in the car with my dad when he took me to preschool, or eating a donut from Winchell’s on the way to kindergarten and Bob Dylan’s “Desire” was always playing.

My favorite songs and my favorite musicians have changed over the years but I’ve almost gone full circle from where I was at with music as a small child. Pink Floyd, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and more.

Then I got older and music was still a big part of my life but my interests changed from that of the 10 year old I had been who listened to nothing but Bob Marley. I listened to pop and then alt-rock and now I’m back to rock and folk.

I think of listening to Nine Inch Nails when I drove off the lot with my first car. The first thing I did when I sat in it after signing the contract, was popping ‘The Fragile pt 1’ into the CD player and turn it up as loudly as my angry 18 year old self could get it.

I remember the first music video I ever saw was Fiona Apple’s ‘Criminal’. I was 10.

These days I’m content to listen to all those old albums I remember as background music to my childhood. I’m so glad my parents had the taste in music that they did. To this day, my parents and I can discuss music and I’m grateful that it’s not on opposing sides.

Peace love and plants


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