Don’t promise me something you don’t intend to follow through on. Don’t tell me grandiose stories to be impressive.

I’m sick of your hyperbole and lies. 

I’m sick of your gestures and notions of caring. You don’t care except about yourself and your own inflated ego and I don’t have time anymore to waste.

Sick of all you children . Grow up. Be real. Follow through. Stop leading people you profess to care about on. If you cared your actions would show it. 

Embrace the truth. Embrace love and the beautiful world around you! Wake up and give a shit. You get one life so don’t waste it on frivolity. Is it serving you? Is it serving real happiness and contentment in your life? If it isn’t, then embrace your fear and learn how to be friends with it. Only then can you grow up and be real and authentic. Better for you and better for others. 

Peace love and plants 



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